In regards to strategic investments, we are not only consult and support our
co-investment partners. We also assist and consult international and national
private and institutional investors.

We are leading the merger & acquisition process as well as
later on the Due Diligence of the investment.

To complete the service we also rising the capital
in regards to the senior financing for an investment, when
it is needed and wanted. As we are financing for our investments
as well, we can use our market and existing partners in local and international banks.

We are coming from the management side and as we have a lot
experience and knowledge in the market and in estimation for an investment.

We also can lead and development a work-out-process and find the right
strategy for an exit. In the condo-converting we are experienced sind 1993
and we sold many projects successfull.

We consult also private and institutional investors and banks
in regards to distressed properties or portfolios.